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Shooting new short film “Final Girl”

28 09

Had a blast this last weekend shooting Final Girl with Chris Knight. We took a small team up to Arbuckle Hollow 3 hours north of the city to shoot a horror short for Video Mass’ Spooky Fest III: Everybody Dies. We met Grier Dill and…

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Coney Island? Or a desert?

12 09

Went out to Coney Island for one final day of shooting on ‘Joshua’ for Spark & Echo written and performed by John Egan. In the final scene sees a young man alone in the desert separated from his company in a land ravaged by war….

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Shooting for Habitat for Humanity

11 09

It was my distinct pleasure to shoot for Habitat for Humanity yesterday. I’m working with Shem Ogweno to create a video commemorating their Great Day of Service – Interfaith Build Day in remembrance of 9-11. Volunteers from 11 different faith communities came out to help…

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Joshua – Commissioned by Spark & Echo

10 09

It was a pleasure to produce Joshua with John Egan. John was commissioned by Spark & Echo Arts to create piece of theater inspired by the book of Joshua from the bible. After sitting with it for a while the piece it shifted from a…

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