KiteMonkey Productions | Shot a new Short Horror Film, Final Girl
New short film. Final Girl. The newest collaboration with Chris Knight.
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Shooting new short film “Final Girl”

Shooting new short film “Final Girl”

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IMAG0703Had a blast this last weekend shooting Final Girl with Chris Knight. We took a small team up to Arbuckle Hollow 3 hours north of the city to shoot a horror short for Video Mass’ Spooky Fest III: Everybody Dies. We met Grier Dill and Brett Glass at The SAG Foundation screening of our first film Home Office last summer. Happy to have hooked up with these guys. There is some exciting energy surrounding Spooky Fest and KiteMonkey is delighted to be involved.

Final Girl now called Last Girl Left will screen with the rest of the shorts at Williamsburg Cinemas on October 29th.

It was penned by Nat Cassidy from a story by Chris Knight. Starring Katherine Ella Wood, Renata Hinrichs, and Michael Markham. Come out and see it.


Chris and I. Day for Knight and KiteMonkey Productions at it again.



Catherine Ella Wood laying out between takes.


28 Sep 2015